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Liquid art system is delighted to announce the next exhibition of Paolo Quaresima at Liquid Positano 16.

The opening of “Largo Mercato”, will be on 31st of August, at 6:30 pm.

Paintings by Paolo Quaresima depict everyday life’s objects: it is not possible to define them as still life, cause his works are able to narrate a story. Human subjects are not included, and their traces are just left by the objects and their apparent contact with them.

His style is hyper-realistic, and his paintings are full of details: these objects are taken out-of-context and put all together creating very impressive compositions.
Especially in “Largo Mercato”, these compositions seem to have the purpose to create a familiar language. Even the title refers to the market, a public space, the meeting point for excellence, where people run into each other and talk about their lives.

This way, the viewer face up with this familiar memory, and feels comfortable looking at the paintings. This feeling stimulate an immersive reaction to the public, that tries to find out all the objects and their details inside works by Quaresima.

“Largo Mercato” is a tale divided between the private feeling of a detail and the common sense of a space.